Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ashley and Trent Wedding Extravaganza: Big Day!

It's so weird that on big days, sleep doesn't seem to happen the night before. Ashely and I stayed up late painting our toe nails and doing some last minute physical/mental/spiritual preparation for the big day. It was really fun to bond like that with her :) I soaked in being the last person to be with her the night before she is swept away by the love of her life. Strangely it felt like any other night. Talking about future while fussing over toes. But the next day was a huge deal! Ashley and Trent were to be sealed together forever. To be with each other to no end! Romance is love that lasts forever. And through a Temple marriage and sealing, that's where it all starts. 

But first we have to do our hair!! :) 

You are a bride today!! Pampering officially starts now! 

Work your magic Brittany! Let us fuss over your cute face Ash! 

Drop dead and ready to go! 

There goes the cavalry! Off you go, well see you at the Temple! 

Oh my heck. Quick side note here. Things got busy while trying to get out the door I almost didn't make it to the sealing. (face-palm) Thank goodness for really busy Temple days, Olivia to set the kids running with, and angel Temple workers who magically know my mother and recognize me as her daughter (who is lost from taking flowers to the bridal room and panicking) to rush me up to the floor where the sealing hasn't started yet!! Phew. There were tears, but we got through it!

But then more tears were came with no mercy as I watched those two be sealed! There was so much joy and radiance from these two people!! My heart was so full for her!! I love my family so much! 

Ashley showing exactly what she is feeling inside in that moment. This moment. Some time spent with Kate, Trent's mom, and they are one huge bundle of happiness. This is no doubt the best day! 

Prettiest little flower girl.

Cute Olivia! 

Love these people! 

All the darrrrling kiddos!! 
Graham's mouth is full of food. The only thing keeping him from crying! haha! 

Beautiful Grandma :) 

Some lovin' on Trent! Welcome to the brotherhood! 


The people Ashely and I dreamed about since we were little girls ;) 

Again, welcome to the brotherhood. Officially! 

D was like "How long have I been holding this??" Groomsmen probs. 

The chaos has just begun. But first a little break at the Lion House!

We were all starving! 

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